Partner Bios


Kisima has partnered with Medicine Man to assist with structuring our vision in order to provide premier services. Medicine Man Technologies, (symbol: MDCL), offers full-service cannabis consulting and licensing of the state-of-the-art, turnkey cultivation and dispensary operating solutions of Medicine Man, a prominent Tier III Colorado operator. MMT helps clients navigate state applications, facility design, business and financial planning to help mitigate costly mistakes many companies experience.



Kisima is partnered with TreeFrog to assist with structuring our vision in order to bring premier canabis products to Maryland patiens. TreeFrog is headquartered in colorado, specializing in the consultation and implementation of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extraction, production and formulation packaging and branding of infused products for both the medical and recreational cannabis markets. The TreeFrog team has over 5 years direct cannabis industry experience; in addition, they draw on their prior experience from various industries including architectural, accounting, and public affairs. TreeFrog supports clients to maximize operational efficiencies and best practices in order to cater to the constantly changing landscape of the regulated cannabis industry