We will provide premium organic strains, patient education and support services, an assortment of infused products, private purchasing appointments, complementary classes, and innovative accessories to qualifying patients or designated caregivers at our discrete location for fast, convenient service.

The art of cannabis

The human record evidences consistent cannabis use for ceremonial, medical, social, and personal well-being for 2,500 years. Our ancestors sowed the seeds of cannabis across all the major human migration paths of Asia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Kisima Illuminates this history to evolve our culture’s relationship with this ancient and bountiful plant.

Holistic Healing

Kisima Holistic Healing Center will design classes to focus on the holistic healing benefits of a natural lifestyle.  These classes will include best practices in flower strain alignment and treatment, herbal enhancement and effects on the body, dietary and physical consistency for a natural balance.

Mission Statement

Kisima's mission is to provide its clients and patients with the most effective products and services to enhance their quality of life.

Core Values:

Commitment: Kisima is committed to providing its patients, clients and community with the best products and services available.

Education: Kisima will continue to educate its patients on the product and services that are the most effective and will best serve them.

Integrity: Kisima will always make the needs of its patients and clients foremost in all decisions and actions.

Quality: Kisima is dedicated to ensuring that its products and services are of the greatest quality for our patients and clients.

Innovation: Kisima will always seek to improve our products and services to better meet the needs of our patients and clients.

Medical Cannabis Documentary